Creative Culture Dance Company (CCDC)

Starting this season, we are all in this together!!

As we approach the new season we have decided to take an exciting step in a new direction. Conceived as separate entities, ADW and Vision have existed and functioned independently for several years. Currently, there is a wealth of talent divided between the two companies and we believe the best way to move forward is together as Creative Culture Dance Company. Joining forces and feeding all of our passion and creative energy into a unified company will afford the dancers with a high caliber of training and a well-rounded experience. CCDC will retain the focus on artistry and performance quality of ADW combined with the competitive structure of Vision. It is our ultimate goal to give Dancers Workshop a stronger presence within the dance community and we believe Creative Culture Dance Company will best represent the core identity of our dancers. We feel so refreshed by these changes and we are absolutely ecstatic to embark upon this season with a renewed focus.

CCDC will be divided into two teams:



Our PRO Team is intended for serious dancers who are ready to commit themselves to training and competitive dance and artistry. This team will attend three stage competitions and will travel to two conventions where they will also compete. In addition, Pro team members will have the option to attend two additional conventions where they can train and compete their solo, at a minimum. Only Pro team members will be eligible to compete solos/duets/trios. The Pro team will also participate in the Spring Concert.


Our PREP Team is designed as a building block for younger dancers with less experience who are interested in eventually going Pro. Prep dancers will be cast in three pieces, compete at three stage competitions as well as participate in our Spring Concert. Weekly class minimums and rehearsal times will be less than CCDC//Pro. The Prep team is a great environment for dancers to learn the core values of the Company and build up to the full commitment required to go Pro.