Drop-in Evening Technique Classes

Evening Technique Classes: Entering 4th grade and up, All levels; June 5 – August 17

Dancers Workshop continues to offer technique classes throughout the summer. This summer semester is set up on a “drop in” basis. Students purchase a class card with a specific number of hours on their card. Each time they attend class, they sign in, and the evening monitor marks that time off of their card. When your card is used up you can continue to purchase additional hours. When you don’t attend classes due to vacation, camps, etc… you don’t use your hours. Another great aspect of summer classes is that your hours can be used for any technique. One week you may want to try Hip Hop… then another week try out a Ballet class. Dancers Workshop’s “drop in” setup is flexible to suit any need. Classes are offered in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Turns/Jumps and more. The schedule is posted to Dancers Workshop’s website.


  • $13 per hour: If purchasing 20+ hours
  • $14 per hour: If purchasing 12-19 hours
  • $15 per hour: If purchasing 5-11 hours
  • $17 per hour: If purchasing less than 5 hours