What We Offer

Young Children

Creative Dance Classes (2-3 year olds)

45 minute dance classes designed to aid motor development.  Parents must remain in waiting room.  Children must be 2 years old by 9/1.

Preschool Dance Classes (3-5 year olds)

1-hour dance classes once or twice per week.  Classes emphasize rhythm, musicality and flexibility through Pre-Ballet and Pre-Tap.  Children must be potty-trained and 3 years old by 9/1.

Combo Dance Classes (Kindergarten – 1st Grade)

1 or 1-1/2 hour classes once or twice per week.  Each class includes Ballet and Tap.  Emphasis on technique, body alignment, rhythm and flexibility begins at this level.

2nd Grade and Up

Ballet Dance Classes (2nd Grade and Up)

Artistic dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement and an elaborate formal technique.  Developing body alignment, posture, working flexibility, strength, and coordinating movement are all stressed at this time.

Pointe Dance Classes (Intermediate – Advanced)

An extension of Ballet, Pointe class must be taken in conjunction with a Ballet class at Dancers Workshop.

Tap Dance Classes (2nd Grade and Up)

Presents various rhythms made by movements of the feet.  Tap develops timing and coordination.

Jazz Classes (2nd Grade and Up)

Stylized theatrical dancing based on many other forms of dance and influenced by American jazz music.  2nd and 3rd graders must be enrolled in Ballet at Dancers Workshop.

Hip Hop Classes (2nd Grade and Up)

1-hour dance classes revolving around a contemporary style of street dance.  Ballet is strongly recommended for 2nd and 3rd graders.

Drill Team Prep  (7th Grade and Up)

This class is ideal for students who strive to train for high school drill team.  Stretching, strength, jazz and kick technique will be covered.


This class is an exploration through not only movement but also how that movement is created.  Students are pushed to think “outside of the box” and find themselves as a dancer.  Dancers will fine tune their technique, dive into improvisation and participate in class discussions about dance history.

Performing Companies

Creative Culture Dance Company (CCDC)


We would like to invite your child to join us in celebrating the legacy and tradition of Dancers Workshop by being a part of the most loved ballet of all time, The Nutcracker. Your child may join Ovation and enjoy performing in this ballet without an audition. Ovation is the youth ballet company in residence at Dancers Workshop and is artistically produced by Libby Lovejoy, Julia Dzubinski, Addison Bull and Kristi Stere. Ovation will celebrate its 12th anniversary with our annual production of The Nutcracker in December 2016!

Third Coast Contemporary

Third Coast Contemporary will be a company driven by sharing all kinds of dance with Austin, TX and surrounding areas.  It will be inspired by life and will thrive off of the talent and creative energy from each company member.

Encore 2018, Year-End Performance

Each year culminates with a professional performance held at Westlake High School. The show is a wonderful way to reflect on each dancers improvement throughout the year and is not to be missed!  Participation in this performance is optional and includes a performance and costume fee.


Students may wear any color leotard and tights for all technique classes.  Ballet skirts may be worn in ballet and jazz pants or shorts may be worn for jazz.  Correct shoes must be worn during class.  Hair must be pulled back away from face at all times.  Sneakers and street clothes may be worn for hip hop.

Where to Shop?

Leotards, tights and shoes may be found at any dance specialty store including Capezio, Dorothy’s Dance Shop and Movin’ Easy.

Dancers Workshop also offers a wide variety of Exciting Summer Dance Programs

Dancers Workshop offers summer programs for dancers 2 years and up. Previous summers have included

  • Creative Dance 4 Week Sessions
  • Preschool Ballet/Tap Combo 4 Week Sessions
  • Combo/Kindergarden – 2nd Grade Ballet/Tap Combo 4 Week Sessions
  • Half Day Summer camps for ages 3-5
  • Full Day Summer Camps for Ages 6 – 10
  • Diversity Dance Intensive Camps for Entering 2nd & Up
  • Hip Hop 1/2 Day Intensive Camps for Entering 2nd & Up
  • Drill Prep Intensive for Entering 4th & Up
  • VIBE Intensive – by Invite or Audition Only
  • Ballet Boot Camp – by invite or audition only
  • 2 Day Specialty Conventions
  • “Drop In” Evening Technique Classes for All Experience  Levels – Entering 2nd & Up

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